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About valleygreentea
Valley Green Tea is an Australia online store specialising in Authentic Premium Chinese teas. Our niche is the higher end of the quality spectrum. We price to offer value for money. All our teas are seasonally produced, including: Green Teas – Dragon Well, Bi Luo Chun, Peach Creek Green Tea; White Teas – Silver Needle, White Peony; Oolong/Wulong Teas – Tie Guan Yin, Da Hong Pao; Jasmine Teas – Jasmine Pearl, Jasmine Ball, Jasmine Blossom Basket; We also offer a special Wulong & Lotus blend –Lotus Leaf Slimming Tea. This tea is made of Lotus leaf, Oolong tea (Wulong tea), Gynostemma leaf (Southern Ginseng), Honey suckle flower etc, designed for the purpose of weight reduction. This tea is in tea bags. When it is consumed on a regular base, no additional requirements are needed to achieve the slimming effect. We wholesale our products to restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, fitness clubs and various other businesses. We also retail to our customers through our online store.
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