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Yoni Yoga Birth - Pregnancy Yoga Studio

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About Yoni Yoga Birth - Pregnancy Yoga Studio
Untitled Spreadsheet Hi I'm Lynda Taylor. I believe that love, support, generosity and kindness are the foundations necessary to create a peaceful happy world, the kind of environment I want my kids to inherit. It starts with the family, the village community and grows on up from there. So that's where I begin offering my gifts, of a calm steady support, creating a safe space where women can share their journey. Every woman deserves to feel safe, supported, and nourished to the bone as she journeys to motherhood. So how can I help you? My job is to understand your unique needs, unravel your deep fears, build on your strengths so you discover and trust your courageous confident self, to make conscious informed choices, in preparation for the most transformative journey of your life. Its my intention to serve, guide, support and encourage women on their sacred journey of pregnancy birth and the return journey into the realms of motherhood.
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reviewed by on 4/06/2015
If you're looking for a warm and welcoming space to practice yoga at your own pace and connect with other pregnant women (or new mums) then please do yourself a favour and go to Lynda's classes! Beautiful relaxing music, a lovely open minded atmosphere to share as little or as much as you need to during your pregnancy journey. You go in feeling busy from life's pressures and come out relaxed and in love with your body, mind and growing baby. Well that was how I felt anyway and I hope others feel the same :)
reviewed by on 4/06/2015
I cannot recommend Lynda’s yoga classes highly enough. About fifteen months ago I started going to her MUM AND BUBS yoga class with my baby. It quickly became a real highlight of our week. Being a first time mum I was looking for a community of mums to become part of, and also wanted to start taking care of my post-birth body. The class was fantastic. The yoga was excellent and the singing, kissing, cuddling, and playing with bub we did during the class ensured that baby and I really were doing the class together. Going for a weekly coffee with other mums after the class meant firm friendships were made – a group of us are still meeting up regularly after ‘graduating’ from the class. When I got pregnant a second time I headed straight for Lynda’s PRENATAL yoga class. I gave birth last week and the skills and breathing I learned in the class were definitely used during labour! It was also lovely to be part of a group of expectant mothers and share our stories at the start of each class. And again the yoga was at a perfect level for me during pregnancy. Thank you Lynda and I look forward to joining your MUM AND BUBS class for a second time.
reviewed by on 4/06/2015
I've been attending Lynda's prenatal yoga classes and I would enthusiastically recommend them to any expectant mother. Lynda creates a warm, safe and gentle atmosphere where all women have some time to focus on themselves and share with others about all aspect of this (sometimes crazy) journey. The sharing circle at the start of the classes is an amazing way for first-time mums like me to hear about other women's struggles, discoveries or anecdotes. Lynda is a very gentle soul who supports and advises as needed. Can't wait to graduate to her mums & bubs classes :)
reviewed by on 1/06/2015
I love Lynda's pregnancy yoga classes. After a hard time emotionally with my first pregnancy, I tried yoga from about 20 weeks in my second. I found Lynda's classes to be empowering, and helped me connect with my own body in a physical and spiritual way, and feel closer to my growing baby. The community of expecting mums in the class was lovely, we all felt comfortable sharing experiences and information. Looking forward to joining in the Mums and Bubs classes later in the year!
reviewed by on 28/05/2015
Without a doubt, one of the best things I did when pregnant with my first was find my way to Lynda's prenatal yoga classes. That was about 4 years ago. Since then I have had two mostly positive birthing experiences (thanks to the skills I learnt), enjoyed sharing the journey of new motherhood with her and the wonderful community that results from the classes, returned for a second time to pre and postnatal yoga and wish I could do it all again for a third (but I'm done!) Lynda is a skilled practitioner but most importantly she is welcoming, supportive, and full of love. Thank you Lynda, I can't express how important you and Yoni Yoga Birth classes were to me, at such an amazing time in my life. If you are reading this and wondering whether to attend, please give it a go. Hopefully you will, like me, develop memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.