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Urchin Bar

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424 Hampton St
Hampton, VIC 3188

Phone : (03) 9598 1453
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About Urchin Bar
Urchin Bar is a Cafe business located in Hampton, VIC 3188. Visit our website for more information about our products / services.
reviewed by on 3/04/2011
The new owners at the urchin Bar in my opinion clearly aren't as good as the old! I was left sitting at a table for a very long time whilst waiting to order and then when my order was finally taken my pronunciation was corrected and my choice in beverage criticised. Then if that wasn't bad enough they forgot to bring the drinks i ordered at all! But don't worry the waiter assured me that they rarely remember to serve the people in that corner properly, they just walk on past - what a relief to know that i'm not the only customer who is ignored!
reviewed by on 20/04/2009
I thought the food was great. Very tasty indeed. I also thought was very well priced for the area and variety of food. Keep up the great work