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The Coffee Company

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About The Coffee Company
The Coffee Company is a Food and Drink (Cafe) business based in Balaclava, VIC . We believe that a business should be driven by the values of integrity, hard work and trust. The character and personality of our brand is reflected in our stores. Each one is as individual as the customers we serve, and the products and services we provide. We provide a great range of Food and Drink (Cafe). We are passionate about our work and are committed to delivering great services. Ultimately, our main objective is to build and maintain positive customer relationships. At The Coffee Company, we believe that every customer is important and should be treated accordingly. Our philosophy has always been "The Customer Comes First" and with that we always endeavour to bring something extra to the relationship. We make it easy for customers to do business with us by listening, anticipating and responding to their needs. The Coffee Company satisfies the needs of those customers with a level of knowledge and service which is unsurpassed and at value prices! If you live in Balaclava or surrounding suburbs, please get in touch for all of your Food and Drink (Cafe) needs.
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reviewed by on 11/07/2015
Great people,great service.I stick with them for years.Do not need anything better.
reviewed by on 2/09/2014
For coffee lovers and connoisseurs, The Coffee Company is the place to go. From the moment the door swings open, the rich aroma of coffee beans inebriates and the experience is one of a kind. Staff is knowledgeable and highly trained, enabling them to recommend the most appropriate beans for each taste and use. I've brought a couple of friends to this secret haven and I'm afraid, they too are as loyal as I am. Great retail addition to Carlisle St!
reviewed by on 9/07/2014
Melbourne is a bit of a coffee hub at the moment. Everyone and their Aunt seems to have an opinion about the best place to get a caffè latte. But for real coffee snobs, nothing comes close to a perfectly roasted single origin, or personally crafted blend. There are certainly a lot of 2nd and 3rd wave roasters to choose from. But in my experience (and I drink a lot of coffee), Marlon & Joel and the team they have assembled, are producing the best collection of beans in Melbourne. Whether you're looking for something ground for your gold filter pourover, whole beans with a chocolate finish and syrupy crema, or something that will give you the best coffee from your super-auto machine, this palce knows its stuff. Of special note: --their New Guinea Sigri Peaberry is incredible for french press --their espresso blend is pretty good for super-autos --Joel's Ipanema & Nicaraguan blend is fantastic --Marlon makes some fabulous recommendations if you're looking for a complex custom blend Long story short: best beans in town. EDIT: might also mention that they renovated in the last 12 months so some reviews that refer to the cafe space etc are well out of date.
reviewed by on 15/05/2014
Great shop, just had an awesome renovation. Looks great and the coffee beans are as good as ever.
reviewed by on 17/09/2013
Excellent supplier of beans online/mailorder. Great selection, friendly, prompt service. We really like their PNG beans in espresso pulled at 92o