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Seaford Hotel

5 review(s) found
362 Frankston-Dandenong Rd
Seaford, VIC 3198

Phone : (03) 8770 5999
About Seaford Hotel
Seaford Hotel is a Pubs, Taverns And Bars business located in Seaford, VIC 3198. Visit our website for more information about our products / services.
reviewed by on 23/06/2013
Service was very slow waited 45 mins for our meals soft drinks were over priced.
reviewed by on 5/10/2012
Really good
reviewed by on 25/08/2012
staff are great !!!
reviewed by on 19/08/2012
We were attracted there for the kids play area which the kids rated as good. The food was good pub food although the rump steak, that was part of the surf'n'turf we ordered, was a little bland. It was a little strange in a pub that caters for kids, we were told off by staff when the kids placed menus under their plates. I would return to Seaford hotel at someone else's invitation but I probably wouldn't organise another night-out there myself.
reviewed by on 8/02/2012
Dreadful. $15 parma night is great if you only want the traditional chicken parma. If you choose any of the other parmas on the menu you will be paying full price and that includes a traditional veal parma ($23.50). Equally as daft is the fact you still pay $19.50 for a chicken schnitzel. After paying full price for my traditional veal parma it arrived and the bottom of it was soggy almost gelatinous. The cheese was overwhelming and there was nothing special about the napoli sauce. If you order salad with your parma be prepared for pre-made salad in plastic tubs that is turned upside down onto your plate then covered in unidentifiable white dressing. The lettuce mix was awful and not at all suited to the meal we were having. The rest of the salad consisted of a lot of red onion a few slivers of cucumber and two tomato wedges. The chips were good. Also they put a group of four on a table big enough for two. No room for drinks after you put 4 full sized plates on the table, definitely no room for your dinner roll plate and your so close to the next table that you might as well be eating with them. The drinks are overpriced. $12.(something) for 4 standard sized soft drinks. I asked for a lemon squash and got 'lift' out of the coke hand post mix thing. I would never recommend this venue to anyone. I will note on the side they seemed to be popular with the seniors after the seniors menu.