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Revitalise Repair Services

PO Box 525
Plumpton, NSW 2761

Phone : (02) 96253538
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About Revitalise Repair Services
Revitalise Repair Services are a mobile service specialising in leather repair and vinyl repair and restoration and plastic repair. We have all the skills to carry out any furniiture or fabric repair and best of all, we come to you. This is achieved through a proven technique that comes at a fraction of the replacement cost, which in the end saves you time & money. Whether it’s a car, boat, furniture, outdoor furniture, luggage, leather jackets, leather hand bags, wheel chairs, massage tables, golf buggies and much more, we repair it . For further details on each surface we repair go to services. Areas we cover in NSW: Sydney Metropolitan Central Coast Wollongong Blue Mountains The clientele we service include: * The Furniture Industry - Importers, Manufacturers,Retailers, upholsterers, Office & Home * The Automotive Industry - Used Car dealerships, Car Rentals, Car Clubs & Home * Marine Industry * Profesional Cleaning Service Industry * Management Facilities This Furniture Repair Technique Totally Benefits YouLeather Repair Benefits you I want to tell you what you will experience by getting your furniture or car interior repaired with this repair technique. • You don’t go without your furniture or car; • You do not need to remove anything, we come to you; • Your furniture or car interior will look & feel like new again; • You will only pay a fraction of the replacement cost; • It increases the lifespan of your lounge and/or car seats; • You stop the damage from getting any worse; Okay, So What is the Cost for This Powerful Technique Honestly, there is no way we can determine a fixed price right here and now for you as there is no 2 damages the same. We really need to assess it first to determine what the damage is and how severe it is, and only then are we able to give you a price. We can guarantee this, the cost will be around 1/4 of the replacement cost of a new one. Normally upholsterers’ can cost you a small fortune. And if you had to research this information yourself, it could take you a while to find a service that offers a high quality repair technique like ours. So I am going to offer you a free assessment of the surface of either your lounge or car interior. Why am I offering this? Because we want to make sure that you have entertained every possible option you can for your lounge or car interior. We know the cost plays quite an important part in making your decision as well as getting quality results. There is one important thing you need to remember with this technique, this is a repair not a replacement. We know this repair technique will save you money and it will last especially if proper care is taken to maintain it. We also want you to become a regular customer of ours and experience the value you get for your investment on an ongoing basis. Free Gift 1: A Report - Thinking of Purchasing a Leather Lounge or How to Determine What Type of Leather Repair Your Lounge needs? It is important to understand what type of leather you maybe sitting on and/or obtain enough information about leather before you consider purchasing a new leather lounge. Normally priced at $55.95 – yours for free! Even if you decide not to book in a repair you still get to keep the 2 gifts for FREE. Money Back Guarantee: I am 100% certain you will be satisfied with the achieved end result, however, if you it does not live up to your expectations, even after all efforts have been made, I will totally refund you within 4 months of your purchase. That’s right – no hassles and no quibbles – you get ALL your money back! I think that’s extremely fair. That way you can try out this phenomenal service completely at my risk. There is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever! Book in your Free Assessment.
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