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Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine

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About Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine
A dedicated team of healthcare professionals offering Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Pilates and Massage in Fitzroy North and Thornbury.
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reviewed by on 1/06/2015
Chris Neal is an excellent Physio. I wasn't sure whether an osteo/chiro/physio would be best to treat a painful shoulder and I made the right choice!
reviewed by on 26/11/2014
I came to Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine because I was in need of a new osteopath. I had no idea I would find an osteo who specialises in Chronic Pain. Due to nerve damage, I've been suffering from chronic pain for several years now, and osteo treatment has previously only ever provided short term relief. But now I have found Alison Sim, and she has educated me about chronic pain in a way that not even a (much more expensive) pain specialist has. Learning about chronic pain, and in turn discovering new ways to manage chronic pain has really changed by whole outlook on pain. "Hands on" treatment isn't the only treatment available! Alison has guided me through some Cognitive Brain Training which has provided me with longer lasting relief than hands on treatment does. Combining the two together has resulted in much less need for hands on treatment, and has given me a much more positive attitude towards my pain management. I actually feel like I am in control, for the first time in years. For anyone out there suffering from chronic pain, I cannot recommend Alison Sim and Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine highly enough!
reviewed by on 18/11/2014
I've been a few times and they've been efficient, lovely and always fixed me right up.
reviewed by on 5/09/2014
All the staff I've encountered at Premier Sprots Medicine (Fitzroy North) are very professional, highly trained, friendly and helpful. Thanks to the Physiotherapists I've seem I've had great sucess with rehabilitation from surgery and other issues. The Pilates classes have also worked wonders. The classes I attend are small which (in my experience) allows the instructors to tailor their programs to each individual. Highly recommended!!
reviewed by on 9/07/2014
I have been in the care of the Osteopaths at Premier Sports and Spinal for nearly 8 years now, and I have never been disappointed with the level of professionalism, capability and compassion that has been consistent over this time. The team here are warm and friendly, have worked with me through rough times with my back and good times for 'tune ups' they have identified issues and fixed them where other service providers have failed, and i trust them implicitly. I highly recommend the team here, even if you aren't local, they are worth travelling to!