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Positive Tranceformations

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About Positive Tranceformations
At Positive Trance-Formations (Hypnosis Gold Coast) we are passionate about and committed to helping liberate people from unwanted habits, phobias, fears, anxiety, past issues and limiting beliefs, so that they can experience more freedom, joy and improve the overall quality of their lives.
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reviewed by on 20/10/2010
I went to Michael for a weight management problem. He gave a guarantee and my issues were fixed in two sessions. I am on a steady managment program now, never feel the need to eat outside regular meal times, don't snack, and I eat moderately. I highly recommend hypnosis with Michael if you live on the gold coast.
reviewed by on 20/10/2010
My wife has (had) a fear of the dentist but one treatment at the dentist using EFT and she was just sooo relaxed. I can't recommend Michael highly enough. What he does works! Rick R, Nerang