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Lady Dee-Lish Pty Ltd

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About Lady Dee-Lish Pty Ltd
Lady Dee-Lish deals in only the highest quality hair, direct from Russia & South America. With over 20 years experience wearing and working with all kinds of hair extensions Lady Dee-Lish understands the importance of having the highest quality hair installed, so you can radiate confidence & project your beauty from the inside out, using latest technologies and only the safest installation methods.
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reviewed by on 29/07/2015
I feel I would be doing a disservice to all the ladies out there by not telling you about Lady Dee-Lish hair extensions. Dee should be your first and last stop when it comes to hair extensions. After speaking with Dee and feeling the quality hair extensions, I soon realized what is genuine and what isnt. Ladies, we are being tricked!!! Dee's hair extensions are high quality with integrity hair. Please go nowhere else!!! I have had extensions elsewhere and I now know what is REAL hair and what isnt. I have done the research for all the ladies out there, I promise you... Dee is the real deal. Not only is Dee so passionate about ensuring you are looking fabulous with her high quality genuine REAL hair but her knowledge will make you feel completely at ease. Please ladies, your hair journey starts here, you will feel supported the whole way!!!! Remember "life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hairstylist who understands you". xxx Do it Ladies, contact Dee or go nowhere else.
reviewed by on 26/07/2015
I've been wearing LDL hair extensions for almost 10 months now and wonder how I ever lived without them! Quality hair that is low maintenance, easy to manage and simply beautiful!. I love that the hair was custom made to suit me and coloured perfectly to match my own hair! It's looks so natural that no one ever realises it's not my own! From the very first consultation to the installation and aftercare, you won't find better! Thank you LDL for my gorgeous long locks and the confidence that has come with it! ❤️❤️
reviewed by on 25/07/2015
Dee is amazing! I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have always been apprehensive about getting extensions but I have no concerns with Dee. She helped choose the colour and length of my extensions and they turned out even better than I imagined. I couldn't be happier :-)
reviewed by on 24/07/2015
I cannot believe how long it has taken me to find REAL Russian hair with the highest quality, colours & length and a service to die for! I would and do recommend Dee to every person I know. Amazing hair that so many people claim to sell and use but only Dee has the goods! If you want the very best hair and service then you need to come here, she will change your world. Very very happy customer for many years and will never go anywhere else ever again.
reviewed by on 10/05/2015
I have had hair extensions since I was 18 (Now 29) from all over the world. I have experienced beautiful hair which has then become matted and bad condition within only a few months, I have experienced itchy and nasty application methods which ruined my hair, I have had glue, beads, bonds wefts, clip Ins - THE LOT! I have spent a fortune on trying to find a hair dresser who not only has really good quality hair, but a great method of installation AND aftercare, amazing colourist and stylist. It basically doesn't really exists to find someone who has all of this! Apart from Dee who is genuinely the most amazing hair stylist and extentionist! I have had one set of gorgeous hair which has lasted me over a year now and still looks like new no matter what I do to it! Its comfortable to wear, easy to style and looks so natural! No one would ever know I was wearing extensions. I have compliments all the time on how beautiful my hair is which is a huge confidence boost! After spending several hundreds of dollars to wear the other variety's out there that only past a short time and having to replace them anyway - was costing a fortune, now that I have quality over quality not only am I am so happy with my choice I have in the long run saved so much money on replacements costs! One set for a long time is better than lots of sets for short times… I am so pleased and cannot recommend highly enough. If you're thinking of getting hair extensions don't go to the average salon who will convince you their hair is the best because it will only look nice for a short amount of time as they put chemicals in it to make it super soft, after a few washes this will not be the same hair but simply wash out the chemicals. Start with CLEAN quality pure hair which will last forever..! My confidence gone through the roof which has had a huge knock on effect to other areas of my life..WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT!
reviewed by on 5/04/2015
Fantastic service. Dee is the absolute best around for quality hair extensions. She really goes above and beyond for her clients. Super organised booking system and a handy pre payment system too. Best blow waves in town. Love ! Nicole.
reviewed by on 22/08/2014
I've known Lady Dee-Lish for years, she is an incredible person and offers the most natural, beautiful extensions. I have long hair, however being a blonde, my hair is quite fine. I've always wanted big, sexy, bombshell hair, and with LDL's method and beautiful Russian hair my want became a reality! I've worn extensions in the past, beads and tape wefts, my hair looked unnatural, ratty, and when the extensions came out, I was left with less hair then what I had to begin with. LDL is completely different, it looks completely natural, and feels amazing. Plus, the hair lasts years!!! I'm grateful to have found Lady Dee-Lish, impeccable service, and the best hair!!!