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Kon Thai Restaurant

5 review(s) found
481 Nepean Hwy
Frankston, VIC 3199

Phone : (03) 9770 1199
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About Kon Thai Restaurant
Kon Thai Restaurant is a Catering Functions business located in Frankston, VIC 3199. Visit our website for more information about our products / services.
reviewed by on 14/07/2013
We ate there last night, only because our usual eating place was closed. Unfortunately, not the best experience. We were treated OK by our waitress, however, I did witness other customers just being directed to a table and not actually taken to a table by a member of staff - not acceptable I'm afraid. We had to wait a VERY long time for our main course to arrive, and when it finally did arrive my dish of noodles, chicken and prawns contained - two prawns, three pieces of chicken and noodles, noodles and more noodles. Not a place I would recommend or return to. There are many good places to eat in Frankston and this is not one of them.
reviewed by on 8/10/2011
Purchased meal through living social. Food was quite good, rate 6/10. Service however a bit substandard, owner needs to work on his service etiquette and dress and bearing. Was disappointed as was looking for a good Thai retsaurant in Frankston to go to frequently, this won't be the place. The deal was good value for money despite no choice of wine and only vanilla ice cream as a dessert choice. The little bit of extra effort/flexibility may have earnt you new customers
reviewed by on 8/01/2011
Food always good, been there multiple times, happy with service and prices. Good value and yet to be let down.
reviewed by on 30/08/2010
I've eaten at Kon Thai regularly for the past 10 years and have NEVER experienced burnt or cold food. I think you are being a bit unfair. Having eaten Thai food from all over the world I must say that Kon Thai is authentic quality Thai food, and one of the best Thai restaurants I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. Try their chicken satays or whole grilled fish in tamarind sauce next time. Simply to die for and would bloody put Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver to shame.
reviewed by on 23/07/2010
I adore Thai food and decided to try Kon Thai with a friend and got take-away one night. After getting home we discovered that our prawns were burnt, our noodles were simply clumped together and our soup was nothing more than a cold tin of coconut milk dumped in a container. Working in hospitality myself I am very sensitive to being a difficult costumer, but the food was simply inedible, so we went back to the restaurant to refund it. Although the manager agreed to this on the phone, when we arrived he was completely rude. Even though he recognized the food was burnt he proceeded to yell at us and only refunded some of the money. Costumer service was non-existent and the food was worse than a food court. The whole atmosphere was miserable from the horrible toothless owner to the empty seats and tacky decor. Spend your money at McDonalds for a better meal.