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Jap World Spares

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About Jap World Spares
Jap World Spare is a leader in Japanese car parts and auto wreckers in St Peters, NSW. We supply used car parts for Toyota, Nissan, Honda etc. We are licensed and offer friendly, professional.
Business trading hours:
Sunday Closed
We are still open on public holiday
Payment Option
Cash , Visa and Master
reviewed by on 22/03/2014
The staff were knowledgeable and were able to replace my tail light there and then. Good price, friendly service.
reviewed by on 21/10/2013
If I could give this group of time-wasters a ZERO star rating I would. The place is poorly managed and operated. They all appear to be very "busy" and manic as you wait 15 min to be served, but really ALL of this could be avoided if they had better organization and process system in place that would allow them to deliver faster / better service. I gave my specific details on my vehicle car / year / what part. They send one of the "boys" to go look for it. 25min later her emerges with my so called part. Dimitri (the kid behind the desk) looks at it and says "here it is!" I pay cash, and then I have to ASK him to give me a receipt. I leave. Drive 45 min home. We spend 4 hours of our weekend to pull apart the front of the car to remove old part and install new one. Only to find that it doesn't fit. On closer inspection the part has a different year written on it. Apparently Dimitri and his boys have some kind of reading / writing comprehension thing going on - because this wasn't the year of MY car that I TOLD HIM and SHOWED him in writing. When I called he said "Oh well- we make mistakes" - (apparently reading is not his strong point.) Then he said i'll look to see if I can find another part and call you back. HOURS pass. I don't hear back. I CALL AGAIN. He says, "we don't have the part, ugh sorry I forgot to call you back" Seriously? How are these people in business?! Wasted my time, driving there and back, wasted my weekend time pulling the car apart and now I have to drive BACK down to return the item and get a refund? No offer to give you something for their inability to read or follow directions, or for F*cking you around. PLEASE don't waste your time with this place. They have the WORST customer service and they have ZERO idea about how to run a business.
reviewed by on 22/06/2013
Great service and the best thing is they can do the mechanical work as well at very reasonable prices.
reviewed by on 18/07/2012
Jap World Spare has the best collection of used car parts and auto wreckers. I have two Japanese-made cars and I got some used car parts in great condition. Also, the prices are really economical.
reviewed by on 11/07/2012
Wow!! Jap world spare guys are just awesome...They are excellent auto Wreckers and I got Quality Used car parts in my budget...I wanna Thank them for providing me nice service in Sydney NSW