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Cosmetic dental

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7 Melville Road,
Brunswick West, VIC 3055

Phone : 9387 0709
Business Phone : 9387 0709
Fax : 9388 9433
About Cosmetic dental
Cosmetic dental-Are you looking for a good dentist in Melbourne? Look no further!! Holistic Dental dentists strive to give you the best modern dentistry services & professional whole body approach.
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reviewed by on 8/11/2012
I have never enjoyed going to the Dentist until I started going to Holistic Dental. I have not been to the dentist in many years and then a colleague friend recommend Dr Krishna. Now I actually look forward to going, not so much for the dentistry by rather the positive energy. From the moment I walked into this surgery I was treated like more than just another client. I could tell from the moment I met Dr Krishna that he was a energetic, giving and very genuine person. His whole dental assistant reflects that as well. The staff are some of the friendliest yet most professional people I have met anywhere. And he always has me out very fast and this is because he knows what he is doing and he is good at it. He also has a staff that works well together and are good at their job as well. And I never feel neglected or rushed, always well taken care of. Being that I hadn't been to the dentist in a long time I needed a lot of work. some teeth that had to be extracted, a root canal treatment, crown, 4 fillings, and a deep cleaning. He did make feel guilty for neglecting my teeth and explained that I have to pay the price. But it is not too late to save the remainder teeth. Most people do not realise that unless there is a thorough and complete understanding of what causes dental disease, sooner or later they are going to have problems. A complete understanding of how oral health affects your general health can be useful for your future health. Don't wait to find out your problems like what I am going through now!! I would not say that holistic prices is the cheapest but I understand the value of my oral health care. I can't say enough about Holistic Dental team providing best could do mediocre work and I would still be a loyal client but his work has in fact been nothing short of the very best. I tell all my friends and family about Pacific beach dental and I would highly recommend you to everyone.
reviewed by on 20/11/2010
Choose a dentist who shows you how to stop tooth decay and gum disease. Dentists rarely get holes in their teeth because they know how to look after teeth properly. It only requires 5 minutes per day, plus a simple change to your diet. My new dentist from Holistic Dental have educate me the importance of looking after my teeth by proper brushing technique, ie brushing my gums and flossing. I now understand that the same blood that flow through my gum, flow though the rest of my body, implying unhealthy gums can be the gateway for harmful bacteria to enter blood stream which can lead to heart failure, stroke and affect pregnant women. That is why I have my silver amalgam filling replaced after coming to know that they contain mercury