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Choi Palace Bbq Restaurant

5 review(s) found
387 Clayton Rd
Clayton, VIC 3168

Phone : (03) 9562 7362
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About Choi Palace Bbq Restaurant
Choi Palace Bbq Restaurant is a Restaurants business located in Clayton, VIC 3168.
reviewed by on 4/11/2013
Could n't see the food , although the guide dog thought it smelled great - that was before we were kicked out illegally !!!!
reviewed by on 4/11/2013
wouldn't recommend a restaurant who refuse service to a blind man because he had a guide dog with him!! Don't you guys know the law for guide dogs? Totally disgusting and unfair I'll never go here!!
reviewed by on 4/11/2013
Read that they refused service to a blind man with a guide dog. Even someone not aware of the laws should have known better and offered more compassion. absolutely disgusting.
reviewed by on 4/11/2013
Vision impaired people and their guide dogs not welcome suggest going elsewhere
reviewed by on 4/11/2013
started yelling and screaming at a elderly blind man with a guide dog to get out and refusing service , disgusting behaviour by staff , will never go back !!!