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Brisbane Natural Health

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About Brisbane Natural Health
Brisbane Natural Health is a Health (Chemists) business based in Milton, QLD . We believe that a business should be driven by the values of integrity, hard work and trust. The character and personality of our brand is reflected in our stores. Each one is as individual as the customers we serve, and the products and services we provide. We provide a great range of Health (Chemists). We are passionate about our work and are committed to delivering great services. Ultimately, our main objective is to build and maintain positive customer relationships. At Brisbane Natural Health, we believe that every customer is important and should be treated accordingly. Our philosophy has always been "The Customer Comes First" and with that we always endeavour to bring something extra to the relationship. We make it easy for customers to do business with us by listening, anticipating and responding to their needs. Brisbane Natural Health satisfies the needs of those customers with a level of knowledge and service which is unsurpassed and at value prices! If you live in Milton or surrounding suburbs, please get in touch for all of your Health (Chemists) needs.
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reviewed by on 29/06/2015
completely enjoyed my visit with Gemma. so fantastic, would go so far as super fantastic..... and i feel even better than that.
reviewed by on 21/05/2015
I was very happy with the personalised service I received from the moment that I walked in until I left. The follow up service has been terrific too. My practitioner was helpful and took so much time talking to me. She made me feel comfortable making sure I understood everything. I would highly recommend this business.
reviewed by on 7/05/2015
After cycling 300km plus a week for many months, my legs were in need of a good massage. Norman at Brisbane Natural Health has worked with cyclists and gave me the massage I required. The next day I went out for a recovery ride in my small chainring and set a personal best on a hill climb that I have ridden over 30 times this year. So I was definitely in need of the work over that Norman gave me. I would definitely recommend a massage at Brisbane Natural Heath. Looking forward to my on going improvement and on going muscle maintenance.
reviewed by on 28/04/2015
I had my first half an hour massage yesterday with Norman Sossi. He is a very competent person with education within physiotherapy and massage. He therefore knows what is needed for someone like me with a stressed lifestyle sitting most of the day. I would highly recommend him for anyone with back or posture problems. Cheers, Katrine
reviewed by on 10/04/2015
Brisbane Natural Health had an open house on Sunday to celebrate their new premises. I went in and was so wonderfully surprised! The staff were so friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and did I mention friendly:) I have had an appointment with Gemma and she was so efficient. I feel very confident that Gemma will help me achieve my goal of feeling better in myself and getting more energy for everyday!
reviewed by on 2/04/2015
Great experience. I saw Gemma for Naturopathy. She was very welcoming and bubbly and incredibly knowledgeable. I feel like i am in good hands and that my health issues will be fixed. Thank you!!
reviewed by on 22/02/2015
felt a massive improvement health wise and have a much better connection with my body than I have had in years. my energy levels have increased and I feel like I am more capable of being able to sustain a much more smootherer, focused delivery for longer periods of time. any questions I had were answered and explained thoroughly in a chilled out, relaxed lingo that made things easier to understand. suggestions and changes with things like the food I eat and sleeping habits were discussed with consideration with my lifestyle, so they were more likely to stick, rather than huge big massive changes (although I know I probably needed them) that I would not have been able to sustain. I am very grateful for the friendly attitude and depth of professionalism. have, do, and will continue to highly recommend.
reviewed by on 5/02/2015
I have been going to Brisbane Natural Health for 2-3 months now, and I would highly recommend going to see Gemma. She offers valuable advice, friendly, professional and very thorough and will get you on the right track to better health. I wish I had done this sooner! Brisbane Natural health also offer a great selection of herbal remedies and clean/organic food/supplements. Definitely pay them a visit :)