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Active Motorwerke Pty Ltd

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About Active Motorwerke Pty Ltd
We are pleased to offer our vehicle service customers the option of a courtesy car. Our new fleet of Volkswagen Golfs are a pleasure to drive. Our qualified technicians have extensive experience and our knowledge extends to a wide range of makes and models. Active Motorwerke uses the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your prestige car. You can rest assured that your car is in the hands of experts, dedicated to bringing you the best service possible. Active Motorwerke source genuine parts at competitive rates for your Log Book servicing.
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reviewed by on 27/05/2015
Nice and generous team, Jin who is the chief technician helped me out on our BMW repair.
reviewed by on 20/05/2015
LATEST REVIEW Ok so i got a call from Steven telling me that he spoke to REVO head office in UK and that they would look after me for all the troubles i went through. Now the price he is giving me is almost double, I told him why his charging me so much when i'm meant to be getting it cheaper. He said that the cost of the remap is more expensive now. I told him when i took the car there it was cheaper, you should be giving me a cheaper price at the time i took the car in, not at what the cost of the map is now. This guy has rocks in his head. Active motorwerks has terrible customer service and tell nothing but LIES, he got off the phone to me to call head office, his telling me that was the price they gave him, mind you i checked the time in UK at the time, it was Monday morning 3:50am. Please try fooling someone with your own I.Q. If it is REVO REMAP you are looking for, don't bother with this place, nothing but a time waster, and has no clue about cars, plus his prices are ridiculous. Auto Modelista is much better than these guys at all aspects. I am extremely surprised this business is still running and the people who take their cars to this clown PREVIOUS REVIEW Booked an appointment to do work to my car. Drove there to the other side of town, waited 1 hour, they couldn't do my car because they had no credits for the software. Said they will get back to me, never did. I Called back, said he will call me back. Never did. Called again, finally replied through email. End Conclusion, i won't waste my time again at this place. Im glad i didn't take the X6 M there
reviewed by on 4/01/2015
Best place to take your BMW for anything you want to get done! Steven and his crew are very knowledgeable in what they do.
reviewed by on 29/09/2014
reviewed by on 16/11/2013
Active Motorwerke in Melbourne did a great job on my BMW Service