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On the use of the pregnant belly after birth after the use of the problem, some that can not use the abdomen after delivery, and some that the use of postpartum girdle to help postpartum recovery, but it is certain that: Postpartum body shape recovery has a huge impact, we today summarizes how long after delivery can be used with belly belts and the use of the idea of takingPostpartum Girdle. How long after the birth can be used tummy binder after pregnancy abdominal binder post c section During pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger, abdominal wall relaxation, coupled with the delivery of too much effort, will lead to cheap postpartum belly band larger, abdominal muscle loose (postpartum stomach weight loss method). Therefore, in the week after birth with a belly band is good, the best and then the third day after birth to use. But the postpartum girdle can not be all day and night are tied, lying in bed or sitting rest should be unlocked, and so get out of bed when the activities. Because the long-term use of thepost pregnancy girdlewill affect the blood circulation, limiting the psoas muscle, abdominal activities, so that the recovery time is longer. 7 days after birth, if the new mother needs to be more intense activities or early recovery to work, you can also use a short period of time tummy binder after pregnancy. But put on one or two hours later, it should be solved, let the waist to relax for a while. How long after the birth can be used tummy binder after pregnancy abdominal binder post c section The correct use of postpartum girdle: Shoulder belly should be half an hour after a meal, after the urine to wear, before bed to remove. At the same time, the use of belly belts, but also vary from person to person. Normal delivery of postpartum, should strengthen the exercise, often do leg lift, sit-ups and some postpartum exercises, and should not rely on long-term belly belly. When buying the belly belt, pay attention to pick the material soft, breathable abdominal binder post c sectionbest postpartum belly bandproducts. Long-term use of the belly of the disadvantages: Long-term use of abdominal belly, will lead to poor blood, which led to lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and so on. In addition, postpartum waist is too tight, but also cause increased abdominal pressure, so that the support of the genital ligament decreased, causing uterine prolapse, uterine backward posterior (postpartum uterine recovery), vaginal anterior wall or posterior wall swelling , And easy to induce pelvic venous congestion, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation and other gynecological diseases. Finally, the article content is not about the authority, in many cases are related to the maternal, the most insurance is to keep a good contact with the doctor, at any time to communicate. How long after the birth can be usedpostpartum body shapers. This postpartum abdomen is based on postpartum recovery network many postpartum sisters, as well as some net purchase of the actual online shopping experience and Taobao related official data screening out, sales in the top six products. Contains the wisdom of many sisters and a concern.