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Kharisma Restaurant and Catering
65 Bunnerong Rd
Kingsford, NSW 2032
Phone : 02 9344 4044
We, at Kharisma Restaurant, try to perpetuate the great Asian traditions of taste, texture, variety and freshness in the food we produce.  However we tilt our hat to changing times by bringing in new approaches to food and cooking – especially prominent in the specials on offer.  But Darwinism does exist in cooking, the best dishes adapt and change in minuscule ways, surviving and thriving while some old dinosaurs that do not change wilt to become extinct bones.  Also do not for a moment think that we would not have dining on offer with all its variety, delicacy and constant invention driving it on.

The natural Asian WAY of dinning is to order a good variety of starters or mains to be placed in the middle of the table within reach for all diners for each to partake a little of their choice and a SHARING of the meal. It’s a unity thing!!!