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Our products are unique and tailored for each customer's individual design.  We design, manufacture and install commercial hand railing systems that are extremely versatile, heavy duty and suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.  Every possible point of view is examined and treated in such a way that all the elements visible will be in correspondence and harmony.

The integration of thought and planning with technical ability provides maximum production time in the professional environment of the workshop and minimum time on-site.  In our work there can be no artistic creation without precise engineering design and here one cannot separate engineering design and visual artistic thinking.  We offer our professional experience to you and would welcome an appointment to present our portfolio of concepts and techniques.

We also supply stainless steel system for your domestic, residential and commercial applications, whether you're requiring a balustrade, handrail, fencing system or a barricade for crowd control.  Two of the most commonly used grades of Stainless Steel are Grade 304 and Grade 316 GRADE 304 has good corrosion resistance and is most commonly used for in-door applications. GRADE 316 has a higher level of corrosion resistance. The Grade 316 is often referred to as "marine grade" and typical applications include boat fittings and architectural components in exposed coastal locations and other salt water environments.