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Veneer Finishes
Product Code:P006

Our timber veneer finishes are a good environmental choice. made from mixed chipped wood and resin, they can also contain waste wood and forest trimmings - materials that would otherwise go to waste.

We ensure that all our veneers come from well-managed timber sources. You won’t find any exotic woods from ancient forests, such as Teak, Abachi, Iroko or Mahogany in our range because they are not from sustainable forests. Instead we can offer many other environmentally sustainable alternatives.

Concerns over veneer finishes have come from their use of formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic and an irritant to the eyes, nose and throat. However, our veneer is human, as well as environmentally friendly and manufactured with low formaldehyde emissions to comply with Australia’s E1 standard. Further, we have chosen to transition to E0 board, which emits just half the standard recommended E1 level. During our transition across to E0 board, we can, on request, arrange for E0 substrates to be used.